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MAY 2015


May 2015

Volume 92, No. 4




AFSA Co-Sponsors ‘Distinguished Diplomat’ Lecture / 49 Scholarship Fund Receives Record-Breaking Gift / 49 State VPVoice: Improving Quality of Work and Life / 50 USAID VPVoice: Eligible Family Member Employment / 51 Retiree VPVoice: Life After the Foreign Service—It’s All Write / 52 New Online Memorial Tribute Page / 52 AAD Report: ‘American Diplomacy at Risk’ / 53 State Proposes Danger Pay Changes / 53 AFSA and HECFAAWelcome the New DG / 54 AFSAGoverning Board Election / 54 AFSAAdds Two Names to Memorial Plaques / 55 Webinar with Post Reps / 56 AFSAHosts Chiefs of Mission / 58 AFSA Community: ANewWay to Engage / 58 AFSA Staff Discuss FS Careers / 59 It’s Flying Cats and Dogs / 60 You and Your Packout / 62


President’s Views / 7 Two Steps in Support of Career Development BY ROBERT J . S I LVERMAN Letter from the Editor / 8 Security and Engagement BY SHAWN DORMAN Speaking Out / 18 A Strategic Approach to Public Diplomacy BY JOE B. JOHNSON Reflections / 77 Coming Out of the Cold BY J I M OWEN


Letters / 9 Talking Points / 12 In Memory / 63 Books /68 Local Lens / 78


Classifieds / 69 Real Estate / 72 Index to Advertisers / 76

On the cover:

Yemeni protestors climb the gate of U.S. Embassy Sana’a on Sept. 13, 2012,

during a demonstration about a filmmocking the Prophet Muhammad. Two days earlier,

Islamic militants had attacked a U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, killing Ambassador

J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, Diplo-

matic Security Agent Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, a former Navy SEAL assigned to a

State Department security detail. AP PHOTO/HANI MOHAMMED.


Building a Foreign Service for 2025 and Beyond / 21 From the Director General, a look at plans for harnessing talent for the front lines of diplomacy in an increasingly complex world. BY ARNOLD CHACÓN AND AL EX KARAG I ANN I S


Effective Diplomacy After Benghazi / 25 Adjusting to regularly changing threat levels while still engaging with society and getting diplomacy done in one of the world’s most dangerous cities— it’s all in a day’s work at Consulate General Karachi. BY M I CHAE L DODMAN Diplomatic Security Triage in a Dangerous World / 29 Security professionals must balance risks against the requirements of diplomatic engagement. BY ANTHONY C . E . QUA I NTON Keeping Embassy Security in Perspective / 33 A veteran FSO takes a critical look at risk tolerance—or the lack thereof. BY JAMES L . BUL LOCK


Women Who Make a Difference: Reflections of a Foreign Service Wife in 1982 / 39 An FS spouse reflects on her experiences during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, when struggles for independence from colonial rule exploded throughout the developing world. BY PATR I C I A B . NORLAND


Tips from the Belly of the Python / 45 How can we optimize our own professional development and strengthen the Foreign Service while negotiating a challenging mid-level passage? Here are some suggestions. BY JOHN F ER