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he AFSA Memorial Plaque Cere-
mony is a solemn occasion paying
tribute to those Foreign Service
employees who have lost their lives in ser-
vice to their country. This year’s ceremo-
ny—held onMay 6, Foreign Affairs Day
—was different because family members
of Eugene Francis Sullivan Jr. came to cel-
ebratehis life. They came remembering the
husband, father and Foreign Service offi-
cer he was. They came enmasse, all 27 of
Eugene Francis Sullivan Jr. — whose
name was added to the plaque — was a
Foreign Service officer with the United
States Agency for International Develop-
ment from 1957 until his untimely death
from blackwater fever, a complication of
malaria, on Jan. 21, 1973, inAddis Ababa,
A Legacy of Dedication
In her opening statement, AFSA
President Susan Johnsonsaid, “To the fam-
ilies and friends gatheredhere, I express our
deepest gratitude for the contributions that
your lovedonemade to theForeignService
and toour nation, and for the sacrifice that
he and you havemade. He has left a lega-
cy of dedication that serves as inspiration
to future generations who pass through
these halls.”
Johnson then read a message from
President BarackObama: “Today, Eugene
joins other heroes on the Memorial
Plaques honoring those who have given
their lives inpursuit of a higher cause. On
Foreign Affairs Day, we pay special trib-
ute to all those who have given their lives
J U L Y - A UGU S T 2 0 1 1 / F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L
n June 23, in the splendor of the State Department’s Benjamin Franklin Room,
AFSA honored the winners of the 2011 AFSAConstructive Dissent Awards and
OutstandingPerformanceAwards. Winners receiveda certificateof recognition,
a monetary prize and—new this year — the AFSA Globe.
Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy
Ambassador Rozanne L. Ridgway
Constructive Dissent Awards
ChristianA. Herter Award:
Dr. James W. Bayuk, Pretoria
WilliamR. RivkinAward:
Joel Ehrendreich, Singapore
F. Allen “Tex”Harris Award:
Maurizio Visani, Surabaya
Outstanding Performance Awards
Nelson B. DelavanAward:
Ann Rehme, Pretoria
M. Juanita Guess Award:
Mike Vining, Ulaanbaatar
Avis BohlenAward:
Charla Chaudhry, Chisinau; Terry Farrar, Havana
AFSAPost Representative of the Year:
Larry Fields, Kathmandu
Please see page 56 for an
interview with Amb. Ridgway. Constructive Dissent Award
profiles begin on page 39. Outstanding Performance Award profiles begin on page 42.
AFSA Announces 2011 Award Winners
Continued on page 51
American Foreign Service Association • July-August 2011
AFSA Memorial Plaque Ceremony Honors Our Colleagues
The family of Eugene F. Sullivan pays tribute to him during AFSA’s Memorial Plaque Ceremony, May 6.