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Academic Merit Winners
FSA is proud to announce the 28 Foreign Service high school seniors
whowere selected as the 2011 AFSAMerit Awardwinners. These
one-time-only awards, totaling $44,000, were conferred on
Washington, D.C.-area winners on May 6. AFSA congratulates these
students for their academic and artistic achievements. Winners received
$2,000 awards, and honorablementionwinners received $1,000 awards.
The best-essay winner and the community service winner each received
$500. Judges aremembers of AFSA’s Committee on Education, chaired
by Amb. C. EdwardDillery andmade up of individuals fromthe Foreign
Service community.
This year, 91 students competed for 16AcademicMerit Awards. They
were judged on grade point average, standardized test scores, an essay,
two letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities and any spe-
cial circumstances. FromtheAcademicMerit Award applicants, Caroline
Huskey was selected best-essay winner, and JordanWarlick was select-
ed as community service winner.
Sixteen students submitted art merit applications under one of the
following categories: visual arts, musical arts, drama or creative writ-
ing. Art applicants were judged on their art submission, two letters of
recommendation and an essay. Katherine Skipper was selected as the
ArtMerit Awardwinner for her short story andnovel submissions. Sophia
Hubler and Anna Turner were selected as the Art Merit Honorable
MentionAwardwinners. Sophia submitted photographs, andAnnawon
for her piano submission. Anna was also an Academic Merit Winner.
Nine academic merit named scholarships have been established to
date, the newest created this year by the ForeignServiceYouthFoundation.
These awards were bestowed on the highest-scoring students. The named
scholarships are: the Association of the American Foreign Service
Worldwide Scholarship; the John andPriscilla Becker Family Scholarship;
the Turner C. Cameron Memorial Scholarships; the John C. Leary
Memorial Scholarship; the Joanna andRobertMartin Scholarships; and
the Donald S. Memorial and Maria Giuseppa Spigler Scholarship.
For more information on the AFSA Merit Awards, the AFSA
Scholarship Program, or how to establish or apply for a scholarship, con-
tact Lori Dec at (202) 944-5504 or, or
visit our Web site
2011 AFSA Merit Award Winners
Hayley Ernyey
– daughter of
Alexander Ernyey and Helen
Lovejoy (State); graduated
from Cairo American College,
Cairo, Egypt; attending Tufts
University, majoring in Middle
Eastern studies.
Alexandria Foster
– daughter
of C. Franklin Foster (FCS) and
Virginia Foster (State); graduat-
ed from Jamestown High
School, Williamsburg, Va.;
attending the College of
William & Mary, majoring in
international relations; desig-
nated the Associates of the
American Foreign Service
Worldwide Scholar.
Eliza Hale
– daughter of
Jonathan P. Hale (State) and
Sarah J. Sandberg; graduated
from Escuela Campo Alegre,
Caracas, Venezuela; attending
Harvard University, majoring in
cognitive science; designated
the Joanna and Robert Martin
Jennifer Rollins
– daughter
of Jay Reed Rollins (USAID)
and Nancy Rollins; graduated
from Forest Park High School,
Woodbridge, Va.; attending
Brigham Young University,
majoring in English.
Marshall Thompson
– son
of Dean R. Thompson (State)
and Jane K. Thompson; grad-
uated fromWalt Whitman
High School, Bethesda, Md.;
attending Wheaton College,
majoring in philosophy/theol-
ogy; designated the Priscilla
and John Becker Family
Patrick Morgan
– son of
Richard H. Morgan (State)
and Katheryn Morgan; gradu-
ated from Escuela Americana,
San Salvador, El Salvador;
attending the University of
Virginia, majoring in interna-
tional studies.
Alexander Recinos
– son of
Augusto Recinos (State) and
Helen Greeley Recinos (State);
graduated from James
Madison High School, Vienna,
Va.; attending Reed College
with no declared major; des-
ignated the Donald S.
Memorial and Maria
Giuseppa Spigler Scholar.
Erika Cummings –
ter of David Cummings
(State) and Constance
Cummings; graduated from
Rocky Mountain High
School, Fort Collins, Colo.;
attending the University of
Oklahoma, majoring in piano
and pre-med.
Thaddeus Jones
– son of
Stuart Edward Jones (State)
and Barbara Lynn Jones
(State); graduated from
Sidwell Friends School,
Washington, D.C.; attending
Duke University, majoring in
engineering; designated the
Foreign Service Youth
Foundation Scholar.
F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L / J U L Y - A UGU S T 2 0 1 1
John Nesemann
– son of
Michael E. Nesemann (State)
and Susan A. Nesemann;
graduated from George
Mason High School, Falls
Church, Va.; attending the
University of Virginia with no
declared major.