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F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L / J U LY - A U G U S T 2 0 1 2
Honoring Public
Diplomacy’s Best
Successful public diplomacy re-
quires leadership, imagination, re-
sourcefulness and determination under
challenging conditions. Each year the
Public Diplomacy Alumni Association
(formerly the USIA Alumni Associa-
tion) recognizes the achievements of
those PD practitioners, whether over-
seas or in Washington, D.C., who ex-
emplify these qualities.
This year’s three winners were feted
at PDAA’s 15th annual awards dinner,
held on May 6 in Washington, D.C.
They are:
Heather Grace Eaton
, public af-
fairs officer at Consulate General Naha
since 2010, received an award for in-
novative leadership and creativity in
advancing U.S. strategic objectives in
Okinawa. Operating with limited re-
sources in a historically difficult public
affairs environment, Ms. Eaton built a
collaborative network of American and
Japanese civilian and military public
diplomacy professionals, educators, li-
brarians and volunteers, which she
used to expand outreach and refocus
programming on core, security-related
Sharon Hudson-Dean
, counselor
for public affairs at Embassy Harare
since 2010, was honored for excep-
tional courage, creativity and persever-
ance in the face of daunting political
and communications challenges. She
cultivated new, effective platforms for
U.S. engagement with Zimbabwean
youth, women, opposition groups and
hostile media; established bilateral
partnerships; achieved exchange alum-
ni support for public diplomacy efforts;
and harnessed the power of social
media to outstanding effect.
Jean Manes
, director of resources
in the Office of Policy, Planning and
Resources in the Bureau for Public
Diplomacy and Public Affairs since
1993, was cited for outstanding initia-
tive, insight and determination in lead-
ing a thorough strategic review of State
Department public diplomacy person-
nel and budgets. She effectively advo-
cated for public diplomacy resources
and field-directed input, and tutored a
generation of PDmanagers in building
the foundations for long-term resource
For more information about the
awards and the work of the Public
Diplomacy Alumni Association, visit
the organization’s Web site
— Steven Alan Honley, Editor
Are Federal Workers’
Personal Data Safe?
The Federal Retirement Invest-
ment Board
) a
nounced on May 25 that personal
information belonging to more than
120,000 federal employees and other
account holders enrolled in the Thrift
Savings Plan was accessed last year in a
“sophisticated cyberattack.” (As most
readers know, the TSP is a 401(k)-
style retirement plan available to active
and retired federal employees and uni-
formed services personnel. About 4.5
million individuals currently have ac-
counts with it.)
The names, addresses and Social
Security numbers of 43,587 individu-
als were in the affected files, along with
financial account numbers and routing
numbers in some cases. Another
group of 79,614 TSP participants had