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J U L Y - A UGU S T 2 0 1 2 / F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L
years’ successful experience SPECIALIZING
FULL-TIME IN FS GRIEVANCES will more than double your chance
of winning: 30%of grievants win before the Grievance Board; 85%
of my clients win. Only a private attorney can adequately develop
and present your case, including necessary regs, arcane legal doc-
trines, precedents and rules.
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Free initial telephone consultation
officers in griev-
ances, performance, promotion and tenure, financial claims, dis-
crimination and disciplinary actions. We represent FS officers at
all stages of the proceedings from an investigation, issuance of pro-
posed discipline or the initiation of a grievance, through to a hear-
ing before the FSGB. We provide experienced, timely and knowl-
edgeable advice to employees from junior untenured officers through
the Senior FS, and often work closely with AFSA. Kalijarvi, Chuzi
& Newman.
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by attorney who is a former FSO. Have
your will reviewed and updated, or new one prepared: No charge
for initial consultation.
M. Bruce Hirshorn, Boring & Pilger, P.C.
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representing Foreign Service offi-
cers and intelligence community members in civil and criminal inves-
tigations, administrative inquiries, IG issues, grievances, disciplinary
investigations and security clearance issues. Extensive State
Department experience, both as counsel to the IG and in L, and in
representing individual officers. We have handled successfully some
particularly difficult cases confronting Foreign Service and intelligence
officers, both before the Foreign Service Grievance Board and in
the federal and local courts. We work closely with AFSAwhen appro-
priate and cost-effective. Doumar Martin PLLC.
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Forty years in
public tax practice. Arthur A. Granberg, EA, ATA, ATP. Our charges
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members. He served as a one-man Angie’s List, ensuring that
the platform had the capability to successfully carry forth its
mission goals.
In his role as OMS, Velez established standard office proce-
dures in an office that had not previously had a full-time
administrative specialist. He responded to requests from
Embassy Kabul for personnel accountability, provided charts
of deployed field personnel, and coordinated the sensitive
delivery of personal mail items to PRT-based staff.
Taking on the role of a community liaison officer, Velez
coordinated official lunches, hail and farewells, and the first-
ever Mazar-e-Sharif consular corps representational event at a
local downtown restaurant. By meeting individually with
numerous foreign diplomats, he was able to garner support
for an event that has become so popular it is now held
monthly and sponsored by other diplomatic missions.
There is no doubt that the professionalism, enthusiasm
and dedication Velez put into his time in Mazar-e-Sharif, fre-
quently under arduous and dangerous conditions, make him
a superb choice for the Nelson B. Delavan Award.
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Bohlen Award • Continued from page 55
and build school benches and blackboards.
In April 2011, the first and only library in Mathare Valley
opened, boasting 1,200 donated books and teaching materials
used by students and teachers from five neighboring schools
in the community. To make better use of the newmaterials
and resources, Leila brought in an expat librarian to train the
school staff.
To top it all off, to help lower school fees, she bought three
sewing machines, taught a group of widows to sew and gave
them loans to buy fabric. Students may now buy uniforms
from the widows at an affordable cost.
Recognizing the need for mental health care, Leila opened
her own clinic in Nairobi in 2010 (at the time she was working
as a consular assistant in the embassy). As many of her
patients have experienced extreme trauma or grief, she orga-
nized free training for 92 Kenyan counselors and mental
health providers on “Grief and Trauma Interventions for
As the nomination states, Leila will leave an “overwhelm-
ing legacy” when she departs Kenya.