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2013 George F. Kennan Award Winner
Each year, AFSA participates
in the graduation ceremo-
nies awarding the George
F. Kennan Strategic Writing
Award at the National War
College at Fort Lesley J.
McNair in Washington, D.C.
Daniel Hirsch, AFSA Govern-
ing Board vice president for
State, presented this year’s
award to Christina Higgins at
the ceremony on June 7.
Christina, a member of
AFSA, joined the Foreign Ser-
vice in 1999 as a public diplo-
macy ofcer. She has served
in Angola, France, Senegal
and Jerusalem, as well as
in several human resources
positions in Washington
and was the ofce director
for Africa in the Bureau of
International Information
Christina summed up her
experience, “Attending the
National War College this
year has aforded me a valu-
able opportunity to dive deep
on national security issues.
I wanted to take full advan-
tage of the extraordinary
experience and resources
to prepare for my onward
assignment as Deputy Chief
of Mission in Djibouti. There-
fore, to better understand
the region, I wrote papers
on Djibouti, Yemen and a
longer essay on Somali state-
“I am honored to have
been recognized by AFSA
for my thoughts on Somalia
and U.S.-Somalia policy. My
paper explores what les-
sons might be learned about
efective state-building from
the relatively stable Somalil-
and and more challenging
security environment in other
parts of Somalia.
“Drawing on the research
and writings of Somali
experts and confict resolu-
tion professionals. I argue
that peace eforts in Somalia
have been hindered by the
insistence of the interna-
tional community to build a
national government before
ending community-level
armed confict.
“I recommend a greater
emphasis in policy and
resources on frst achiev-
ing negotiated and detailed
cease-fre and security
agreements at local levels,
before attempting more
ambitious state-building at
the federal level. The problem
is essentially one of proper
“I would like to share my
award with all my govern-
ment colleagues working on
the “New Deal” for Somalia.
May all combined eforts
indeed seize this window of
opportunity to bring peace
and stability to the people of
Christina is fnishing her
training assignment as a
member of the National War
College Class of 2013. She
will enjoy a year with the
Board of Examiners before
heading out to Djibouti as
Deputy Chief of Mission in
summer 2014.
AFSA State VP Daniel Hirsch presents the George Kennan Writing Award
to Christina Higgins, while Acting National War College Commandant
Ambassador James Foley awards the Excellence in Writing certifcate.
The seventh annual Caroline and Ambassador
Charles Adair Memorial Lecture, which traditionally
kicks of the academic year at the American Universi-
ty’s School of International Service, will take place on
Wednesday, Aug. 28 at 3:00 p.m. This year’s speaker
is Ambassador John Campbell.
The lecture is generously funded by Marshall
Adair (a former AFSA president and newly-elected
retiree rep on the AFSA Governing Board) through
a perpetual gift to the association’s Fund for Ameri-
can Diplomacy. The lectures are designed to expose
students to individuals who have spent their careers
practicing diplomacy.
Amb. Campbell is a veteran diplomat who spent
much of his career in Africa. He will speak on the
“Challenges Facing U.S. Diplomacy in Africa in the
New Century.” Currently the Ralph Bunche Senior
Fellow for Africa policy studies at the Council on For-
eign Relations, he served as ambassador to Nigeria
from 2004 to 2007.
The Adair Lecture will take place at the Kaye
Memorial Chapel on the AU campus. For additional
information, please contact AFSA Speakers Bureau
Director Tom Switzer at
or (202)
Amb. John Campbell to Deliver
Adair Lecture