The Foreign Service Journal - September 2015
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September 2015

Volume 92, No. 7




New AFSA Governing Board Sworn In / 53 VP Voice State – Wanted: Your Solutions to FS Challenges / 54 VP Voice FCS – Zeroing Out U.S. Trade Promotion / 54 VP Voice Retiree – Getting Started / 55 Capping Linked Assignments / 56 AFSA Presents 2015 Awards / 57 Constructive Dissent Awardee Profiles / 61 Exemplary Performance Awardee Profiles / 65 AFSA’s Committee on Elections / 72 Stay Current on the OPM Data Breach / 72 How U.S. Ambassadors Are Selected / 73 Meet the 2015-2016 Governing Board / 75 AFSA’s New Book Captures FS History / 80 A Visit with USAID Acting Administrator Lenhardt / 81 2015 World Police and Fire Games / 82 State Authorization Update / 83 Editorial Board’s September Song / 83 The Navy LWOP Experience / 84 Summer Fellows Reception / 84


President’s Views / 7 Stepping Forward to Lead BY BARBARA STEPHENSON Letter from the Editor / 8 FS Members Making a Difference BY SHAWN DORMAN Speaking Out / 19 The State Department Needs to Reevaluate Its Use of 360-Degree Reviews BY WILLIAM BENT Reflections / 101 Dogs in Africa BY ROBERT GRIBBIN


Letters / 9 Talking Points / 14 In Memory / 85 Books / 90 Local Lens / 102


Classifieds / 93 Real Estate / 96 Index to Advertisers / 100

On the Cover:

The 2015 recipients of AFSA’s awards for dissent, exemplary performance

and lifetime contributions in the State Department lobby. Left to right: Thomas M. Duffy,

Andrew Young, Samuel Kotis, Alexei Trofim, Megan Gallardo (who accepted the Harris

Award on behalf of Jeffrey Bing), Amb. AndrewWinter, Amelia Shaw, Mary Beth Bechtel,

Melissa Fraser (who accepted the AFSA Post Representative of the Year Award on behalf

of Charlee Doom), Rodney Ford (who accepted the Delavan Award on behalf of Julia

Harrison) and Amb. William C. Harrop. Photo by Joaquin Sosa.


A Lifetime of Public Service: An Interview with William C. Harrop / 22 The recipient of AFSA’s 2015 Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy Award talks about his Foreign Service career, his pioneering role in AFSA and his view of the challenges before the Foreign Service today. BY MAR I A C . L I V I NGSTON Deconstructing Dissent / 33 At heart, dissent is about integrity, speaking up on issues that matter, regardless of whether or not we think we can actually change anything. BY AME L I A SHAW Clearing the Air in New Delhi / 37 One FSO explains how he used constructive dissent to advance a sensible policy approach to air pollution in India. BY SAMUE L KOT I S


The Foreign Service Act of 1980 Turns 35 / 42 The Foreign Service Act of 1980 became law in early 1981. A year later, the FSJ asked Congress, State management and AFSA leadership to evaluate its implementation. Here are their responses.


Going Back to Work: A Step-by-Step Guide for Foreign Service Spouses / 49 One of the great challenges of Foreign Service life is how an FS spouse can maintain or develop a career. Here are some practical tips. BY ANNA SPARKS