New Retiree ID Cards

The following information is contained in the November 2021 Annual Annuitant Newsletter, published by GTM/RET:

If you have business at the Harry S Truman Building (HST) or State Annex 1 (SA-1 Columbia Plaza), you may apply to Diplomatic Security (DS) for a Retiree identification card, which is valid for five years. When holders of Retiree ID cards enter HST or SA-1, they are issued a Retiree Visitor Pass that allows them unescorted access during normal business hours to HST’s customer service areas (1st floor and the Foggy Bottom) and the 3rd floor Ralph Bunche Library, SA-1’s Office of Retirement (GTM/RET) and the Office of Medical Services (MED) suites and service areas. Retiree ID holders who wish to visit offices in other parts of HST or SA-1 must obtain a visitor badge from a building access receptionist and may then proceed unescorted during normal business hours.

Please forward any inquiries or requests for Retiree ID cards to or by calling 202-261-8960 and leaving a message. GTM/RET will coordinate completion of the DS-1838 form with the retiree.  GTM/RET will certify the retiree's status, sign it electronically and send the form to the Diplomatic Security Identification Services (DSIS) SA-9 office, after which the retiree may proceed to the SA-9 ID Unit (located at 2025 E Street, NW, Suite SE1051, Washington, D.C.) for their previously scheduled appointment to apply for the Retiree ID card.

Important Note: You must make an appointment with DSIS prior to contacting GTM/RET. GTM/RET cannot forward the approved DS-1838 to DSIS unless you already have the DSIS appointment scheduled.

Retiree ID Services Appointment Scheduling

Applicants may schedule their own appointments through the ID Services Appointment System by contacting the ID Customer Service Center via email at or by calling (202) 647-1775. When applying at the SA-9 ID Unit, two valid forms of identification are required. Preferred forms of identification are a U.S. passport and a state driver’s license. Other acceptable forms of identification are listed on DHS Form I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification (found on

The badge must be applied for within ten days after the GTM/RET retirement counselor certifies the DS-1838. The SA-9 ID Unit is open Monday through Friday excluding holidays, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., for service by appointment only. Applicants with appointments must arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their appointment to avoid overcrowding in the DSIS lobby. Applicants will not be processed until their scheduled time.

Expired, Lost, or Damaged Retiree ID

Questions related to expired, lost, or damaged IDs and questions about other approved forms of identification should be referred to the DS ID Customer Service Center at 202-647-1775 or 1-888-671-3747 or via email at:

Note: For non-Career Ambassadors, please email Edward Capers, Jr., directly at to coordinate. The same process applies above once you have the form. This can be done at a future date for Ambassadors when in the DC area.