The Foreign Service Journal, January-February 2019

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2019 5 January-February 2019 Volume 96, No. 1 FOREIGN SERVICE Feature 56 Exchange Programs Pay Off for Americans Exchange programs are a two-way street when it comes to commerce and industry. By Ma r i e Royc e 23 What Is Economic Diplomacy and How Does It Work? The U.S. Foreign Service is at the forefront of crafting policy and carrying out economic diplomacy to advance the strategic and security interests of the United States. By To n y Wa y n e 25 View from the E Family: Empowering Growth, Securing Our Future By Pe t e r Ha a s , J u d i t h Ga r b e r a n d Ke n t Lo g s d o n 28 Economic Officers for the Future New appreciation for the centrality of economics in foreign policy makes it an ideal time to throw light on the making of an economic officer. By Ch a r l e s R i e s 31 Six Elements of Effective Economic/ Commercial Diplomacy Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made commercial diplomacy a foreign policy priority. Here’s how to get it right. By Sh a u n Do n n e l l y a n d Da n i e l C r o c ke r Focus on Economic Diplomacy Works 35 Economic Diplomacy from the FSJ Archive 36 From Guitars to Gold: The Fruits of Economic Diplomacy This selection of first-person accounts showcases the work members of the Foreign Service do around the world every day to promote U.S. business. DECEMBER2015 FSJ COVER