The Foreign Service Journal, January-February 2023

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023 55 AFSA NEWS Procedures The complete bylaw amend- ment procedure can be found in Article X of the AFSA bylaws, which are available at bylaws. The AFSA Commit- tee on Elections is respon- sible for conducting the polling on amendments. The process of amending the AFSA bylaws requires notification to the AFSA membership, with a 45-day period for submission of statements in opposition. No such statements were received by the Dec. 12, 2022, deadline. Questions may be sent by email to or by mail to: Chair, AFSA Committee on Elections 2101 E Street NW Washington DC 20037 n AFSADues Increase for 2023 Category 2022 Annual 2023 Annnual 2022 Biweekly 2023 Biweekly SFS $474.73 $515.08 $18.26 $19.81 FS 1, 2, 3 $370.19 $401.66 $14.24 $15.45 FS 4, 5, 6 $210.95 $228.88 $8.11 $8.80 FS 7, 8, 9 $114.83 $124.59 $4.42 $4.79 2023 Active-Duty Dues Rates 2023 Retiree Dues Rates Category 2022 Annual 2023 Annual 2022 Monthly 2023 Monthly RT4 $220.80 $239.57 $18.40 $19.96 RT3 $178.95 $194.16 $14.91 $16.18 RT2 $131.32 $142.48 $10.94 $11.87 RT1 $86.11 $93.43 $7.18 $7.79 RTS $62.17 $67.45 $5.18 $5.62 Category 2022 Annual 2023 Annual Associate Member $127.78 $138.64 2023 Associate Dues Rates In accordance with Article IV of the AFSA Bylaws, the Governing Board can choose to increase dues by no more than the cumulative increase in the national Consumer Price Index, published by the Department of Labor, since the effective date of the previous dues increase. For 2023, AFSA has increased dues by 8.5 percent for all individual membership categories. In concrete terms, this amounts to an increase of between 37 cents and $1.55 per pay period for active-duty members and between 44 cents and $1.56 per month for retirees, depending on an individual’s membership category. Active-duty and retired members paying dues via payroll and annuity deduction will see a small increase in the amount automatically deducted from their paychecks and annuities. Those paying annually will be billed the new rate on their regularly scheduled renewal date. AFSA last increased its membership dues rate in January 2022. n Call for Nominations Continued from page 52 doing both. To be valid, a bal- lot must be received by 8 a.m. EDT on May 18, 2023, either (i) at the address indicated on the envelope accompany- ing the ballot or (ii) by online vote. More detailed balloting instructions will accompany the ballots. Note that the election cycle this year is one month shorter than in previous years. To reflect modern methods of communication, the cycle has been altered to the shortest possible allowed by AFSA’s bylaws. The actual voting period remains the same, at 45 days. Vote Counting and Announcement of Results On or about May 18, 2023, the Committee on Elections will oversee ballot tabulation and declare elected the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for each position. Candidates or their represen- tatives may be present during the tally and may challenge the validity of any vote or the eligibility of any voter. The committee will inform candidates individu- ally of the election results by the swiftest possible means and will publish the names of all elected candidates in the next issue of The Foreign Service Journal . Elected candidates will take office on July 15, 2023, as provided in the bylaws. The Committee on Elec- tions members and support- ing staff members may be reached at . Members of the Committee on Elections Dao M. Le (FCS, chair), John Dinkelman (State), Mort Dworken (retiree), Marcia Friedman (State), Erin Nich- olson (USAID). Staff Members: Ásgeir Sigfússon, Executive Direc- tor; Sharon Papp, General Counsel. n