The Foreign Service Journal, February 2011

72 F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 1 A F S A N E W S CLASSIFIEDS TRANSITION CENTER SCHEDULE OF COURSES for February-March 2011 Jan. 31-Feb. 1 MQ911 Security Overseas Seminar Feb. 2 MQ302 Transition to Washington for Foreign-Born Spouses Feb. 4 MQ950 High-Stress Assignment Outbrief Feb. 7-8 MQ911 Security Overseas Seminar Feb. 9 MQ220 Going Overseas Logistics for Adults Feb. 23 MQ117 Tax Seminar Feb. 26 MQ116 Protocol Feb. 28-March 1 MQ911 Security Overseas Seminar March 3-4 MQ104 Regulations, Allowances and Finances March 4 MQ950 High-Stress Assignment Outbrief March 5 MQ802 Communicating Across Cultures March 7-8 MQ911 Security Overseas Seminar March 15 MQ115 Explaining America March 16 MQ854 Legal Considerations in the Foreign Service March 21-22 MQ911 Security Overseas Seminar March 24 MQ803 Realities of Foreign Service Life March 26 MQ200 Going Overseas for Singles/Couples Without Kids March 26 MQ210 Going Overseas for Families March 26 MQ220 Going Overseas Logistics for Adults March 26 MQ230 Going Overseas Logistics for Kids March 30 MQ801 Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships To register or for further information, e-mail the FSI Transition Center at Find AFSA Online Get the latest news, member- ship information, and legislative updates on the AFSA Web site, Flip the pages of the Foreign Service Journal ’s digital edition, available at www.foreignservice . Become a fan of AFSA and view pictures of our special events posted to our Facebook page at Follow AFSA on Twitter @afsatweets for pithy news bulletins. AFSA NEWS BRIEFS LEGAL SERVICES ATTORNEY WITH 30 years’ successful experience SPECIALIZING FULL-TIME IN FS GRIEVANCES will more than double your chance of winning: 30% of grievants win before the Grievance Board; 85% of my clients win. Only a private attorney can ad- equately develop and present your case, in- cluding necessary regs, arcane legal doctrines, precedents and rules. Call Bridget R. Mugane at Tel: (301) 596-0175 or (202) 387-4383. E-mail: Free initial telephone consultation. WILLS/ESTATE PLANNING by attorney who is a former FSO. Have your will re- viewed and updated, or new one prepared: No charge for initial consultation. M. Bruce Hirshorn, Boring & Pilger, P.C. 307 Maple Ave. W, Suite D, Vienna, VA 22180. Tel: (703) 281-2161. Fax: (703) 281-9464. E-mail: EXPERIENCED ATTORNEYS REPRE- SENTING FS officers in grievances, per- formance, promotion and tenure, financial claims, discrimination and disciplinary ac- tions. We represent FS officers at all stages of the proceedings from an investigation, is- suance of proposed discipline or the initia- tion of a grievance, through to a hearing before the FSGB. We provide experienced, timely and knowledgeable advice to employ- ees from junior untenured officers through the Senior FS, and often work closely with AFSA. Kalijarvi, Chuzi & Newman. Tel: (202) 331-9260. E-mail: LEGAL SERVICES ATTORNEYS EXPERIENCED IN REP- RESENTING FOREIGN SERVICE OFFI- CERS and intelligence community mem- bers in civil and criminal investigations, ad- ministrative inquiries, IG issues, grievances, disciplinary investigations, and security clearance issues. Extensive State Depart- ment experience, both as counsel to the IG and in L and in representing individual offi- cers. We have handled successfully some particularly difficult cases confronting For- eign Service and intelligence officers, both before the Foreign Service Grievance Board and in the federal and local courts. We work closely with AFSA when appropriate and cost effective. Doumar Martin PLLC. Tel: (703) 243-3737. Fax (703) 524-7610. E-mail: Web site: LEGAL SERVICES PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD: $1.40/ word (10-word min). First 3 words bolded free, additional bold text 85¢/word. Header or box-shading $11 each. Deadline: 5 wks ahead of publication. Adv. Mgr. Tel: (202) 944-5507. Fax: (202) 338-8244. E-mail: