The Foreign Service Journal, March 2019

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | MARCH 2019 89 will look like the picture of American authority even as you tell the prisoner you cannot get themout of jail. (But maybe leave off the pin.) S Dear Ms. Fashion Service Person, Do my hand-tooledWestern boots fromMexico go with my Kerala-style sari that my staff is requiring me to wear for a group photo? What about a Hanbok? Or my Kente cloth dress? Sincerely, I’ve Served on Every Continent Except EUR Dear TandemFSO, If you were smart enough to snag some hand-tooled boots in Mexico, then you know that they go with everything—even the aforementioned ubiquitous black suit with flag pin. And good luck with the bidding. I hear it’s brutal looking for two jobs this year! Speaking of saris, how does one walk in a sari? One doesn’t. It is impossible to walk in a sari without tripping. One stands very still, looking very lovely, like a statue. But Indian women do it all the time. One isn’t an Indian woman, is one? Otherwise one wouldn’t be asking this question. S Dear Ms. Fashion Service Person, How do you mix up your wardrobe when Air France lost all of your luggage? Sincerely, Mrs. I Refuse to Pack Extra Clothes inMy Carry-On Dear Fly America Next Time, You can supplement your wardrobe with purchases from your layover at Charles De Gaulle and with the items in your seatback pocket. There are plenty of chocolate wrappers and postcards that could be taped together tomake a dress or suit. Andmore than one FSO has worn an airline blanket toga to check in with the RSO at their new post. n