The Foreign Service Journal, April 2020

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | APRIL 2020 5 Retirement Supplement 67 Retirement Planning 101 It may be years away, but the sooner you think about and plan for your retirement, the better it will be. By J o h n K . Na l a n d 73 AFSA Membership in Retirement: What’s in It for You? Besides camaraderie, there are paths to engagement and advocacy, access to unique practical information and assistance—and it’s a good deal! By Do l o re s B r own Life After the Foreign Service 75 The Theater and Policy Salon By M i c h a e l Fe l dma n 78 The Inn by the Lake By Da v i d Summe r s 80 Try the Smaller Pond By J a n i c e We i n e r April 2020 Volume 97, No. 3 FOREIGN SERVICE 24 Needs of the Service and Those of Our People: The New HR By Ph i l i p W. Ka p l a n 27 Evaluation Reform at State: A Work in Progress By A l ex Ka r a g i a n n i s 32 Redesigning Foreign Service Performance and Promotion at USAID By Ma r t h a L a p p i n Focus on Career and Performance Management FS Heritage 49 Discovering Our Consulate’s History, We Discovered Ourselves— Matamoros, Mexico By Mo i s e s Me n d oz a Feature 53 The Power of Language Here’s how an “English For Work” program improved security in Kabul. By K r i s h n a Sh a rma 37 State’s New MSI Program: Preliminary Results Are In By Ra e k a Sa f a i 41 What’s Next for SNEA? By Do n n a Sc a r ama s t r a Go rma n 45 Balancing Act’s Formula for Driving Institutional Change By L i l l i a n Wa h l -Tu c o 48 From the FSJ Archive Managing a Foreign Service Career JEFFMOORES