The Foreign Service Journal, April 2020

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | APRIL 2020 63 AFSA NEWS Art Center in Hyattsville, Md., where she also has her art studio. Visit her website at Judy Buelow began her Foreign Service career in 1985, focusing on Latin America and Africa. “Whenever I traveled to a new country, I painted scenes from the everyday life of my new community, always focusing on the people in all their diversity, beauty and expressiveness,” she explained. “In each painting, I would try to capture a special moment and convey a unique sense of the place, while also portraying something of the universal human experience.” David Pearce, who was unable to attend the show- case, but whose art was dis- played, is a native of Maine. He retired from the Foreign Rosemarie Forsythe (foreground) at the AFSA Foreign Service Art Showcase. Her painting, “Half-Light,” was selected to be the cover image of the March issue of The Foreign Service Journal . AFSA/CAMERONWOODWORTH Service in 2016 after serving nearly 35 years in 11 posts overseas. An avid student of Greek, Roman and Islamic history, art and literature, Amb. Pearce is a self-taught artist. His travels nourished a life- long habit of drawing, but he began to paint actively only in Algiers in 2008. He served as ambassador to Greece and Algeria. His medium of choice is watercolor, because he likes the degree of difficulty and the constant challenge, as he puts it, of turning sudden developments into unex- pected territory. n