The Foreign Service Journal, April 2021

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | APRIL 2021 5 Focus on Diplomacy in an Age of Disruption April 2021 Volume 98, No. 3 FOREIGN SERVICE Retirement Supplement Feature 53 Effective Public Diplomacy: Lessons from Tuk-Tam Listen first, one retired PD practitioner advises. Here is his story of a very successful program. By Ke n Mo s kow i t z 26 Can Diplomacy Be Done Virtually? Two Foreign Service officers explore the question through the lens of personal experience. Their answer: in some ways yes, but mostly no. By J e s s i c a Hu a r a c a yo a n d A l ex i s L u dw i g 31 Commercial Diplomacy Strong—Raising the Bar in the Virtual Era In 2020 U.S. companies were forced into a new world of lockdowns and virtual relations, where work norms had to be refashioned. A commercial officer looks at the way ahead. By A i l e e n Na n d i 34 In-Person Exchanges, Interrupted Some virtual components have proved helpful, but the face-to-face experience—the heart and soul of an exchange program—is irreplaceable. By De e n a Ma n s o u r 70 Twelve Pitfalls What to do and what not to do when planning for life post-career. By J o h n K . Na l a n d 39 Transferring in a Time of Chaos Challenging in the best of times, FS transfers have become crucibles of resilience and determination during the pandemic. By Came r o n Wo o dwo r t h 44 Pandemic Parenting— How Foreign Service Moms Are (Not) Making It Work FS parents—in particular, FS moms— are stretched to the breaking point, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. By Do n n a Sc a r ama s t r a Go rma n 49 My Reintroduction to America— A COVID-19 Journey Returning “home” after years overseas is notoriously difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic gave the experience a whole new, and surprising, twist. By K i mb e r l y Ha rmo n Appreciation 56 A Truly Trustworthy Leader George P. Shultz 1920-2020 By S t eve n A l a n Ho n l ey