The Foreign Service Journal, April 2024

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | APRIL 2024 29 together to determine the right resource to address concerns about bullying, harassment, and accountability. An anti-bullying policy, including a de nition of bullying, is being published in the FAM—it will be 3 FAM 1540—which will help ensure consistency in addressing the issue and underpin the rationale for any disciplinary action taken, Bass explained. Once sta ed, the wCPRc will function within S/O as an independent and impartial resource for department personnel dealing with non-EEO-related workplace con icts, seeking to address behaviors like bullying through informal means. In addition to S/OCR and GTM, they will work with other stakeholders, including bureau executive o ces across the department, providing direct services to clients, o ces, and missions worldwide to promote prompt, informal resolution of workplace con icts and address the e ects of workplace bullying. As part of its proactive approach, S/O has been integrated into regularly scheduled courses at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI). In addition, it partners with FSI’s Leadership and Management School to incorporate possible solutions to commonly heard concerns into fundamental courses, such as the deputy chief of mission and principal o cer course and seminar, human resources and management tradecraft, and Civil Service orientation. At each of these skills-building sessions, S/O underscores the value of con ict resolution as well as direct and e ective communication, which may begin with leadership but can be strengthened and harnessed by all personnel. e O ce of the Ombuds is a critical resource for all department personnel seeking to develop prompt, informal solutions to workplace con ict. Its impartiality and con dentiality create a foundation for candid insights, a requisite for productive con ict management. While workplace con ict may be inevitable, it is not insurmountable. Armed with specialized skills, the support of department leadership, and strong cross-bureau partnerships, S/O is assisting the State Department to become the best and most productive version of itself. Contact the O ce of the Ombuds through its con dential email box at n