The Foreign Service Journal, May 2024

48 MAY 2024 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL 2012 2013 New Hires, New Generations The Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development have welcomed a major influx of new talent under State’s Diplomacy 3.0 hiring program and USAID’s Development Leadership Initiative, increasing their ranks by 17 and 54 percent, respectively. Here is a look at what FS members who joined between 2008 and 2012 expect from a Foreign Service career. —Shawn Dorman, former FSO and associate editor, from “Today’s New Hires: What They See, What They Say,” October 2012 FSJ. 2011 Foreign Service Books publishes third edition of Inside a U.S. Embassy, with subtitle Diplomacy at Work. 2013 AFSA wins uncontested election to represent Foreign Service employees of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) at the Department of Agriculture. Henry Kissinger: Diplomacy’s Preeminence I don’t like to treat diplomacy and military power as alternatives. I think the two should be linked. At all times, diplomacy is extremely important, and should be pre-eminent. In the present world, where the number of problems that one can even imagine solving with military means is shrinking, the role of diplomacy is even greater. —From an interview by AFSA President Susan Johnson, “Four Decades after the Opening to China,” September 2012 FSJ. The Changing Face of the Foreign Service Regrettably, diversity was not a major concern for AFSA’s founders in 1924, nor for several decades thereafter—much less a goal to be actively pursued. But by the 1960s, even a cursory examination of the pages of The Foreign Service Journal reveals a growing consciousness among the association’s leaders, and membership, that the Foreign Service did not truly reflect the shifting demographics, and values, of the society it represented abroad. That is one of the reasons why AFSA was a key proponent of the Foreign Service Act of 1980, which declared that “members of the Foreign Service should be representative of the American people.” —Steven Alan Honley, former FSO and editor of the FSJ, from “A Longstanding Commitment,” editor’s introduction to the focus on diversity within the Foreign Service, May 2013 FSJ. On the cover of the June 2015 FSJ, Consul General Randy Berry addresses the annual Pride Reception at Consulate General Amsterdam on July 29, 2014, during the Amsterdam Gay Pride festival. AFSA President Susan Johnson co-authors Washington Post op-ed highlighting the lack of Foreign Service professionals in senior positions at Department of State.