The Foreign Service Journal, June 2003

T he American Foreign Service Association is proud toannounce the winners of the 2003 AFSA Awards. AFSA places great emphasis on these awards, which serve to recognize intellec- tual courage andoutstanding achievement among Foreign Service personnel. AFSA will confer its annual awards onThursday, June 26, at 4 p.m. in the Benjamin Franklin Diplomatic Reception Room of theDepartment of State. Eachawardwin- ner will receive a certificate of recognition and amonetary prize of $2,500. Everyone iswelcome. ToRSVP for the awards event, call (202) 338-4045, ext. 515. For more information, call Awards Coordinator BarbaraBerger at (202) 338-4045, ext. 521. American Foreign Service Association • June 2003 AWARDEES TO BE HONORED AT JUNE 26 CEREMONY 2003 AFSA AWARD WINNERS AFS NEWS AFSA MARKS 30 YEARS AS A UNION REPRESENTING THE FOREIGN SERVICE H ere is the Jan. 26, 1973, letter from Secretary of State William Rogers to AFSAChairman of the BoardWilliamC. Harrop, making official AFSA’s role as the exclusive representative of State Department Foreign Service employees. The Agency for International Development recognized AFSA as the exclusive representative on April 5, 1973, and USIA did so on April 18, 1973. Having received notice from the Executive Secretary of the Employee- Management Relations Commission of the certification that the American Foreign Service Association received a majority of the valid votes cast in the representation election among the eligible Foreign Service employees of the Department, I hereby accord recognition to your organization as exclusive representative pursuant to E.O. 11636, Section 7 (c) and Title 22 CFR, Section 14.6 (c). I am confident that the constructive and cooperative relationship betweenman- agement officials and the organization representing Foreign Service employees envi- sioned by Executive Order 11636 will be our mutual goal under the exclusive recog- nition granted by this letter. Sincerely yours, William P. Rogers LIFETIME CONTRIBUTIONS TO AMERICAN DIPLOMACY: Former Secretary of State George Shultz AFSA’s annual award for Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy will be conferred on former Secretary of State George P. Shultz. Secretary of State Colin Powell is planning to present this award to Secretary Shultz. Last year’s recipient was Ambassador Thomas Pickering. Previous recipients were U. Alexis Johnson, Frank Carlucci, GeorgeH.W. Bush, Lawrence Eagleburger, Cyrus Vance, David Newsom, and Lee Hamilton. (Read the interview with Secretary Shultz on page 47 of this issue of the Foreign Service Journal .) CONSTRUCTIVE DISSENT AWARDS This year’sAFSAawards for intellectual courage, initiative and integrity in the con- text of constructivedissentwill bepresented to the following Foreign Service employ- eeswhodemonstrated the courage tospeak out and challenge the systemon a subject related to their work: The ChristianA.HerterAward , for a seniorForeignServiceofficer,will be shared by fourmembers of theEmbassyMoscow Consular Section: James B. Warlick, Continued on page 3 Continued on page 9 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE AFSA Initiatives Gaining Ground A FSAhasbeenespeciallyactiveonthe Hill inrecentmonths aswe get clos- er thanever before topassage of the capital gains tax exclusion for sale of a pri- mary residence. Director of Legislative Affairs Ken Nakamura and AFSA officers have been making frequent trips to Capitol Hill to push AFSA’s legislative agenda. Here are updates on some of those issues: TAXBILL: We areoptimistic thatwe are