The Foreign Service Journal, June 2020

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | JUNE 2020 5 June 2020 Volume 97, No. 5 FOREIGN SERVICE Focus on Human Rights Feature 37 A Song for Unsung Heroes: Getting #AmericansHome from Ecuador Diplomats at U.S. Mission Ecuador drew on talent, creativity and sheer determination. By Ame l i a Sh aw FS Heritage 41 Partners in the Service: Foreign Service Wives a Century Ago Foreign Service spouses have always played a critical role in U.S. diplomacy. By Mo l l y M . Wo o d Education Supplement 54 Can You Really Write All of Your College Application Essays Over the Summer? Get a jump start on a critical part of the college application process. By Fr a n c e s c a Ke l l y 66 College Admissions and COVID-19: An Evolving Landscape Here are some of the issues and adjustments in the college admissions process to keep an eye on. By Re b e c c a G r a p p o 24 Human Rights Today: A Q&A with Stephen J. Rapp A veteran prosecutor weighs in on the state of the project to establish and protect human rights around the world. 27 Reclaiming Human Rights Leadership in a Multipolar World Growing pushback from many parts of the world points to the need for rethinking our approach. By Se t h D. Ka p l a n 31 Why U.S. Leadership Matters for the Global Defense, Protection and Promotion of Human Rights An overarching human rights strategy to support the “globalization of freedom” is needed. By Ha r o l d Ho n g j u Ko h 35 From the FSJ Archive Human Rights in Foreign Policy