The Foreign Service Journal, September 2006

S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 6 / F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L 33 rive from San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge and turn left, and you will arrive before long at John Muir Woods, home to the oldest living things on Planet Earth. Walk along the path back into the forest for a few miles, and you will come across a heavy metal and stone plaque set squarely into the earth. It is dated April 29, 1945 — 10 days before the surrender of Nazi Germany, more than three months before the atomic devasta- tion of Japan, less than three weeks after the death of arguably the greatest statesman of the age. The plaque says this: F O C U S O N U.N. R E F O R M R EINVENTING THE U NITED N ATIONS T HE L EAGUE OF N ATIONS WAS THE FIRST GENERATION OF GLOBAL ORGANIZATIONS AND THE U.N. WAS THE SECOND . IT IS TIME TO DESIGN A THIRD - GENERATION ENTITY . B Y T AD D ALEY AND D AVID L IONEL D Poul Hans Lange