The Foreign Service Journal, September 2017

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | SEPTEMBER 2017 5 September 2017 Volume 94, No. 7 FOREIGN SERVICE Focus on Exemplary Performance & Constructive Dissent 31 Leader, Mentor, Diplomat: Ambassador Nancy J. Powell The recipient of AFSA’s 2017 Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy Award talks with the FSJ about her journey from Midwestern social studies teacher to diplomatic leader. 41 The State of Dissent in the Foreign Service Members of the Foreign Service regularly grapple with the professional and moral dilemma of dissent. By Ha r r y Ko p p 47 In Pursuit of Transparency in Assignment Restriction Policies Lack of fairness and transparency in the assignment restrictions process undercuts both employees and the State Department. Asian-American employees took it on. By Ch r i s t i n a T. Le a n d T h oma s T. Wo n g 50 Pushing State to Prevent Illegal Adoptions Faced with growing evidence of malfeasance in intercountry adoptions in Uganda, this FSO decided on a course of constructive dissent to correct the problem. By We n d y B r a fma n 54 DS Could Advance Overseas Visa and Passport Security Diplomatic Security programs can help protect the United States from the threat of terrorist entry, but the State Department hasn’t promoted DS as the interagency lead. By E l z a r T. Camp e r Feature 57 A New Citizen of London Shines on the Other Side of the Thames U.S. Embassy London in Nine Elms will set new standards for security and sustainability. Here are some insights into how it got there. By R i c h a rd LeBa r o n Cover Story 27 It’s Practical: Training the Next Generation of Diplomats Knowledge of history, area studies and current international affairs is not, by itself, sufficient to make an effective diplomat. By Edwa rd “ S k i p ” Gn e hm 57