The Foreign Service Journal, September 2018

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | SEPTEMBER 2018 71 AFSA NEWS AFSA Hosts Networking Happy Hour On June 28, AFSA hosted a networking happy hour at its D.C. headquarters. The happy hour was a great opportunity for AFSA members to socialize and for nonmembers to learn about AFSA’s role in promoting the message of the Foreign Service. AFSA is planning another happy hour on Sept. 20. Your $5 entry fee includes one ticket for wine or beer; non- alcoholic beverages and light snacks will also be served. Please join us to celebrate the back to school season and to catch up with your friends and colleagues. n Attendees gather at AFSA’s June Happy Hour. AFSA/DONNAGORMAN AFSA Governing Board Meeting, June 20, 2018 Awards and Plaques Committee: It was moved that the Governing Board create a new AFSA award named “The Foreign Service Champions Award” to recognize individu- als (neither current or former members) who have made a significant contribution to the Foreign Service. The motion was adopted. Elections Committee: The following individuals were appointed to the Elections Committee, effective July 15, 2018: Nan Fife, chair, State; Candice Bruce, FAS; Michael Riley, State; Jorge Dulanto-Hassenstein, USAID; Linda Caruso, FCS; Mort Dworken, Retirees. Committee Membership and Appointments: Lillian Wahl-Tuco was appointed to the membership commit- tee. Deborah Mennuti and Karen Brown Cleveland were appointed to the Minutes Approval Committee. Alexis Ludwig was appointed chair of the Editorial Board of The Foreign Service Journal . Karen Brown Cleveland was appointed as Governing Board liaison to the Journal . Board Appointments: The following individuals were appointed to the Governing Board: Jeffery Austin, APHIS; Lola Gulamova, FCS alternate (effective July 18). n