The Foreign Service Journal, September 2021

Ratifying Previous Votes: The Governing Board, meeting in person for the first time since early in the pandemic, ratified actions taken based on AFSA Governing Board decisions made while meeting virtually at regular meetings fromMarch 2020 to May 2021, and adopted all such decisions as its own. Budget Process: The Governing Board adopted revi- sions to the standard operating procedures for AFSA budget preparation and approval. Scholarship and Awards: The board also approved the dissent and performance award recommendations of the Scholarship and Awards Committee. Legal Defense Fund: The Governing Board approved $10,000 to be paid to an AFSA member who has already paid for legal services regarding allegations that the mem- ber divulged classified information. The board also approved the disbursement of $1,750 for legal support for a witness talking with prosecutors in a criminal case, based on the member’s testimony in the impeachment process. Associate Member: The Governing Board approved a new associate member. THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | SEPTEMBER 2021 71 AFSA NEWS Remembering Fallen Foreign Service Officers DACOR honored members of the U.S. Foreign Service in ceremonies at Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, D.C., on May 31, coinciding with Memorial Day obser- vances that day for members of the U.S. military. DACOR President James Dandridge was joined by Ambassador Kenneth Merten, the deputy assistant secretary of State in the Bureau of Global Talent Man- agement, in laying a wreath at the flagstaff monument to the U.S. Foreign Service in Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, D.C. The monument, erected in 1973, is inscribed with the words: “In Remem- brance of Their Service to Their Country.” The Rev. John J. Hurley Jr. offered the invocation at the ecumenical service sponsored by DACOR and held annually since 1984. Among State Department officials buried at Rock Creek Cemetery is Wilbur J. Carr (1870-1942). While serving as chief of the Consular Bureau, DACOR President James Dandridge (second from left) and Ambassador Kenneth Merten participate in a wreath-laying ceremony May 31 at the flagstaff monument to the Foreign Service in Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, D.C. DACOR/JENIFERMORRIS AFSAGoverning Board Meeting June 16, 2021 Committee Assignments: The Governing Board approved the following committee assignments: Scholarship Committee: John Naland (chair), Christen Machak, John O’Keefe, Russell Duncan, Camille Dockery. FSJ Editorial Board liaison: Daniel Crocker. Membership Committee: Joshua Archibald, Camille Dockery, Jay Carreiro. Chair to be determined by committee members. Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Tina Wong (chair), Kimberly Harrington, Maria Hart, Russell Duncan, Thomas Yazdgerdi. Awards and Plaques Committee: Kimberly Harrington (chair), Christen Machak, John Naland, Maria Hart, Jason Vorderstrasse. AFSA-PAC: John O’Keefe (chair/treasurer), Daniel Crocker, Virginia Bennett. Legal Defense Fund Committee: Mary Daly (chair), Joshua Archibald, Tina Wong, Jason Singer, Jay Carreiro. Centennial Committee: John Naland, John O’Keefe, and additional members, including non-board members and well-known members of the Foreign Service community, to be appointed by the president, with advice from John Naland and John O’Keefe. Minutes Approval Committee: Daniel Crocker (chair), with two more members still to be appointed. n Carr worked with President Theodore Roosevelt to pass the Lodge Act of 1906 that ended the patronage system of appointing consuls and created a career path based on merit. As assistant sec- retary of State from 1924 to 1937, he drafted the Rogers Act of 1924 that united con- sular and diplomatic services into the Foreign Service. Buried in the cemetery’s DACOR memorial sections are more than 1,100 diplo- mats and family members. Founded in 1952, DACOR is a membership organization of foreign affairs profession- als rooted in the Foreign Service and based at the historic DACOR Bacon House two blocks west of the White House. DACOR sponsors foreign affairs workshops for teach- ers, provide graduate and undergraduate scholarships, operate college mentoring programs and preserve the historic federal mansion. For more information and to join, visit n AFSAGoverning Board Meeting July 21, 2021