The Foreign Service Journal, November 2006

ment to achieving sovereignty. One could argue that the best time to recognize Somaliland — when there was truly nothing but chaos in the south — has passed. Now the issue is how to protect Somaliland’s de facto indepen- dence. The elements for a road map to survival are in place, even without immediate recognition. According to Somaliland expert Anthony Carroll, international efforts should ratchet up to tangible assistance, such as infrastructure projects. The E.U. has already led the way with construction of a road to the commercially important port of Berbera. A “parallel tracks” framework of assistance by the interna- tional community should continue, as well, treating Somaliland as a de facto separate country with no assumption of an eventual federation. Writing in World Defense Review , James Madison University expert J. Peter Pham recommends that the U.S. estab- lish at least a minimal consular presence in Hargeisa and pursue some security cooperation with Somaliland, through the Com- bined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, based in Djibouti. This, he notes, is in line with CJTF-HOA’s mandate of terrorism interdiction — an urgent mandate vis-à-vis Somaliland, with its 500-kilometer-long border with Somalia — and its mission to “win hearts and minds for America.” At present, however, U.S. policy forbids task force troops from even entering Somaliland. Beyond Somaliland’s legal arguments for recogni- tion, which make the case for its exceptional circum- stances, its successful democratic development should carry independent weight on the scales of internation- al legitimacy. There has been a buildup of precedent on F O C U S N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 6 / F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L 37 Neighboring states are a confusing jigsaw of pluses and minuses for the Somaliland government. Get Your Finances In Line With SDFCU Online You can depend on State Department Federal Credit Union for the ultimate in security and convenience with SDFCU Online banking. This FREE service allows you to access your Credit Union accounts via the Internet anytime, from anywhere in the world. Just go to and click the SDFCU Online logo. You can conduct the following Credit Union business: Transfer funds between accounts Check current account balances View your account history over the last 15 months View check images View and pay your credit card bill online Pay Bills and much more!* See just how easy SDFCU Online is! Visit us at and check out the easy demo! If you’re interested in becoming a member of State Department Federal Credit Union, give our Member Service Center a call at 703- 706-5000 , or outside the D.C. Metro area at 800-296-8882 . You can also email us at . SDFCU Online puts us at your service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever you need us the most. Sign up today! *The Bill Payer service is available at no charge for Capital Club members. Otherwise, there is a low monthly fee of $3.95 for unlimited transactions.