The Foreign Service Journal, November 2006

quired toattendmonthly luncheonboard meetings and may volunteer to serve on additional committees. The constituency representative posi- tions to be filled in this election are: StateDepartment (eight positions) USAID (one position) FCS (one position) FAS (one position) IBB (one position) Retirees (four positions) anttorepresentyourcol- leagues and make sure the voice of the Foreign Service isheardbyman- agement, on theHill andaround the coun- try? If youdo, please consider running for apositiononthe2007-2009AFSAGovern- ing Board. This election call, issued in accordance withArticleVII (2)(a) of theAFSAbylaws, constitutes a formal notice to all AFSA members of the opportunity toparticipate in the nomination and election of a new Governing Board. Takea lookat thepositions availableand consider putting your name forward or nominatinga colleague. This election is for a board that will take office July 15, 2007, and serve for two years. We are beginning this process at this earlydatebecauseof the timeneededforoverseasballotsandinorder tocomplete theprocess byMarch2007 for active-duty members who may need to transfer or bid on other jobs. Below are instructions on how to be nominated and run for the 2007-2009 AFSA Governing Board. Important Dates in 2007 Feb. 1 —Nominations deadline March 26 —Ballots and candidate state- ments mailed June 1 —Ballots counted July 15 —New board takes office Positions to be Filled The AFSA bylaws require that all Governing Board members shall be res- ident in theWashington, D.C., area with- in 60 days of taking office and shall remain resident there throughout their term in office. The officer positions to be filled in this election are: President Vice President for State Vice President for USAID Vice President for FCS Vice President for FAS Vice President for Retirees Secretary Treasurer Thepresident andtheState,USAIDand FAS vice presidents are full-time positions detailed to AFSA. The FCS vice president is detailed 50 percent of his or her time to AFSA. These employees are assignedover- complement and are eligible for time-in- class extensions. Article V (4)(b) of the AFSA bylaws authorizes a constituencyvicepresident for eachconstituencywithaminimumof 100 members and one constituency represen- tative position for every 1,000members or fraction thereof. Representatives are re- CALL FOR NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2007 AFSA GOVERNING BOARD American Foreign Service Association • November 2006 AFSA NEWS AFSA Constructive Dissent Awards D o you know anyone in the ForeignServicewhodeserves to be recognized for constructive dissent? LetAFSAknow. Look for the official call for nominations for the AFSAConstructiveDissent Awards in thenext issueof AFSANews andonour Web site at index.cfm. Inside This Issue: VP STATE: PUNISHING “FRATERNIZATION”..........................83 VP FCS: WHERE’S THE SERVICE? ...84 VP RETIREE: ON THE HILL ...............85 MEMBERS ON NEW ASSIGNMENTS .................................86 W NOV EMB E R 2 0 0 6 / F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L 81 Continued on page 88 JOSH Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. —Thomas Jefferson