The Foreign Service Journal, November 2013

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | NOVEMBER 2013 19 T he Foreign Service Journal is pleased to present our annual Foreign Service authors roundup in plenty of time for holiday orders. Whether you read the listings in print or online, we urge you to visit our online bookstore when a title strikes your fancy. There you will find all the books in this edition, as well as the volumes that have been featured in previous years—and more ( books/). Below is our annotated list of some of the books written, edited or translated by Foreign Service personnel and family members in 2012 and 2013. This is not a definitive record of FOCUS BOOKS BY FOREIGN SERVICE AUTHORS We are pleased to present this year’s roundup of books by members of the Foreign Service community. iStock/Mie Ahmt WRITE IN THEIR OWN works by FS authors; we rely on the authors themselves to bring their books to our attention. The roundup was assembled with the vital assistance of editorial interns Jesse Smith and Valerie Sanders. With only a slight drop-off from the robust numbers of last year, our roster contains a weighty and wide-ranging history sec- tion, a solid policy and issues section, an array of memoirs, a rich fiction section, several children’s books and an eclectic variety of works in the categories of essays, travel, education, oenology, genealogy and theology—as well as two very useful works on the Foreign Service lifestyle. As has been the case for a decade, a majority of the titles are self-published.