The Foreign Service Journal, November 2013

74 NOVEMBER 2013 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL LOCAL LENS BY JOSEPH LEAVITT n SAUDI ARABIA Enter your favorite, recent photograph to be featured in Local Lens! Images must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi at 8 x 10”) and must not be in print elsewhere. Please submit a short description of the scene/event, as well as your name, brief biodata and the type of camera used, to A mother and her children browse highway-side food stalls in Al-Shafa, a small town in the mountains east of Jeddah. On this weekend evening, the fading heat of sundown drew the Saudi townspeople out to socialize, eat and enjoy horse and camel rides. Observing this little community mingling in the lengthening shadows opened a rare window into the often-hidden world of Saudi family life. n Joseph Leavitt is a first-tour FSO in Jeddah, where he serves as a political/economic officer. He loves tooling around the desert with his Nikon D300.