The Foreign Service Journal, November 2015

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | NOVEMBER 2015 75 AFSA NEWS Two Great Ways to Support AFSA For almost three decades, the American Foreign Service Association has proudly supported and been affiliated with the Combined Federal Campaign. This nonprofit is the world’s largest and most successful annual federal workplace charity campaign, raising millions of dollars every year. More than 20,000 nonprofit organizations participate in the CFC, including AFSA’s two charities: The Fund for American Diplomacy and Foreign Service Youth Scholarships–AFSA. Please consider supporting one or both of our causes as you make your CFC selections in this year’s campaign. To make a secure online donation, visit donate or CFC #10646: Diplomacy Matters–AFSA AFSA’s Fund for American Diplomacy, registered as “Diplo- macy Matters–AFSA” in the CFC, aims to create awareness and understanding of the importance of diplomacy and develop- ment as our nation’s first line of defense. Donations go toward outreach initiatives targeting public and business audiences through lectures, speaker programs and educational seminars. The FAD also supports efforts to educate youth about the Foreign Service. AFSA does this through our high school essay contest, minority summer internship programs and career seminars at universities across the United States. AFSA’s popular guide, Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work , helps thousands learn about the Foreign Service. Lastly, the FAD makes it possible to honor the achievements of the Foreign Service community through AFSA’s annual awards program. For more information about how the FAD promotes U.S. diplomacy, visit: CFC #11759: Foreign Service Youth Scholarship–AFSA Known as the AFSA Scholarship Fund, this nonprofit will award more than $260,000 in merit- and need-based scholar- ships to tax-dependent children of parents who have served in the Foreign Service and are AFSAmembers. No AFSAmember dues go toward the AFSA Scholarship Fund. All scholarship support comes from contributions. This program has disbursed more than $4 million to 2,200 students in the last 25 years. Visit or see page 76 for more information. n