The Foreign Service Journal, November 2015

94 NOVEMBER 2015 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL LOCAL LENS BY JENNIFER YOST n GHANA Please submit your favorite, recent photograph to be considered for Local Lens. Images must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi at 8” x 10”) and must not be in print elsewhere. Please include a short description of the scene/event, as well as your name, brief biodata and the type of camera used, to W omen sort and check product quality at a seed inspec- tion facility in northern Ghana, an area characterized by high poverty and malnutrition—and one histori- cally excluded from the rest of the country’s growth and development plans. The north is rich in diversity with multiple ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. Agriculture is the largest source of employment, involving mostly small-holder farmers with five acres or less. They are challenged by poor soils, low productivity, and changing and increasingly unpredictable rainy seasons. n Jennifer Yost is a USAID development, outreach and communications spe- cialist and the eligible family member of a first-tour FSO posted in Accra. She took this photo with her Nikon D5000.