The Foreign Service Journal - November 2017

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | NOVEMBER 2017 5 November 2017 Volume 94, No.9 FOREIGN SERVICE Focus on Foreign Service Authors 21 Writing and the Foreign Service Unique experiences are the stuff of Foreign Service life—and compelling literature. One former FSO describes his journey to becoming a writer. By Pe t e r Ku j aw i n s k i 24 On the Writing Roller Coaster There’s no more everyday boredom, but don’t expect writing to be easier than your old job. By Ch a r l e s Ra y Feature 54 When Criticism Falls on Deaf Ears: The Case of U.S. Foreign Aid Although economists and practitioners have questioned the theory behind foreign assistance to underdeveloped countries for more than four decades, the aid industry is bigger and stronger than ever today. By T h oma s D i c h t e r 27 In Their Own Write We are pleased to present this year’s roundup of books by Foreign Service members and their families. 42 Of Related Interest Here are recent books of interest to the foreign affairs community that were not written by members of the Foreign Service. 52 Bibliography of USAID Authors–An Update By J o h n P i e l eme i e r