The Foreign Service Journal, November 2019

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | NOVEMBER 2019 23 Speaking Out is the Journal ’s opinion forum, a place for lively discussion of issues affecting the U.S. Foreign Service and American diplomacy. The views expressed are those of the author; their publication here does not imply endorsement by the Ameri- can Foreign Service Association. Responses are welcome; send to . problems as families work through the difficult times that most experience at some point. But be clear that domestic violence is a crime, and a situation that escalates can certainly have career consequences. In cases with no instances of domestic violence, our focus was on supporting a family and helping them succeed in charting their course safely. Whether you’re abroad or at home, know what resources are available for you or others. The Family Liaison Office is a good first stop. The Employee Consulta- tion Service offers counseling and support for employees and family members, as well: call (703) 812-2257 or email . AFSA will support employee victims of domestic abuse or offer information to employees who feel wrongly accused of abuse. The Difference You Make When I look back over the 15 to 20 cases our teams handled while I was DCM at four very different, geographically separated posts, I am proud that we did our best to support the welfare of families going through difficult times. At the same time, I am sadly confident that there were others we didn’t see who might have needed help. We can and must all pay attention to our entire community and offer support to everyone in need. n