The Foreign Service Journal, November 2019

96 NOVEMBER 2019 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL AFSA NEWS DACOR Continued from p. 95 graduates of the Job Search Program at the Foreign Service Institute and co- sponsoring the Department of State’s annual Foreign Affairs Day. DACOR’s new leadership team—President Paul Denig, Vice President James Dan- dridge II, Secretary Angela Dickey, Treasurer Lange Schermerhorn, Assistant Treasurer Robert Reis, Jr. and Assistant Secretary Richard McKee, supported by new Executive Director John Bradshaw—is pursuing pri- orities identified in a recent strategic planning effort. DACOR has begun new outreach efforts in support of local teachers and students, expanded its presence on social media and started a bicentennial research project to interpret its museum hold- ings and learn more about the earliest inhabitants of the DACOR Bacon House. DACOR continues to host weekly luncheon programs, an evening salon dinner series, the fall annual con- ference and its fellowship awards program. Drawing on endowment funds, DACOR’s sister orga- nization, the DACOR Bacon House Foundation, awards $250,000 annually through five programs including fellowships for second-year graduate students, as well as scholarships for undergradu- ates administered by AFSA. Paul Denig assumed the presidency of DACOR and the Foundation in May after serving two years as vice president, succeeding James Benson. Mr. Denig retired from the Foreign Service in 2008 after a 25-year career with the State Department, returning immediately as a Civil Service employee to lead the Office of U.S. Speaker and Specialist Pro- gram until 2010. His overseas posts included Belgrade and Sara- jevo, Yugoslavia; Hannover and Hamburg, Germany; and Durban, South Africa. Newly elected Vice President James Dandridge II joined DACOR in 1997 after retiring from the State Department, USIA and, ear- lier, the U.S. Army. He served one three-year term on DACOR’s board of governors and has been a DACOR mem- ber for the past 22 years. Ms. Dickey was re-elected DACOR secretary, and former Ambassador Schermerhorn and Mr. Reis continue in their positions. DACOR’s new executive director is John Bradshaw, a former Foreign Service offi- cer who assumed the posi- tion at DACOR in February, succeeding Susan Cimburek. Mr. Bradshaw most recently served as executive direc- tor of the National Security Network and the Enough Project and is a member of the board of directors of Dis- ability Rights International. After a stint in the Peace Corps, he spent 14 years with the Foreign Service, serv- ing in Venezuela, Brazil and Burma, as well as in Wash- ington. n