The Foreign Service Journal, November 2022

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | NOVEMBER 2022 71 AFSA NEWS FSJ Wins New Awards Foreign Service Grievance Board Appointments The Foreign Service Journal received gold and bronze awards, known as Tabbies, from Trade, Association and Business Publications Inter- national (TABPI) in recogni- tion of two of its 2021 issues. The gold, recognizing editorial excellence in a “special section,” went to the FSJ ’s September 2021 focus section , which exam- ined 9/11 after 20 years. Featured in that edition are several articles from cur- rent and retired FSOs about one of the United States’ grimmest days and all that followed. In their feedback, TABPI judges characterized it as an “incredibly compelling piece of reflection” with “thought- ful and useful insights [that] transcend 9/11 to lessons learnt for the future.” (The September edition had also been recognized in March with a silver TRENDY award for publishing excel- lence in the “Monthly Professional Society Maga- zine” category, presented by Association TRENDS.) TABPI’s bronze award, which highlights the best sin- gle issue and is the competi- tion’s most comprehensive category, was given to the May 2021 FSJ focusing on the opportunities and challenges of Arctic diplomacy. Featured in that issue are articles by Arctic experts, a U.S. senator, and an Arctic Council official, as well as an interview with Senior Foreign Service Officer James DeHart, then serving as the State Department’s coordina- tor for the Arctic region. Judges described this edition as “masterfully pack- aged, from cover to finish” with a “clean layout and clear writing on an array of critical topics [and] drawing much-needed attention to a region undergo- ing transforma- tion.” The “Tabbie Awards” celebrate trade and asso- ciation journalism in Eng- lish-language publications around the world. It has been presenting annual awards for nearly 20 years. n Tabbie Award trophies celebrate trade and association journalism serving niche professionals and leaders. Congratulations to the retired Foreign Service members appointed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the Foreign Service Grievance Board for two-year terms starting Oct. 1, 2022. As required by the Foreign Service Act of 1980, the candi- dates were jointly nominated by AFSA and the five agencies utilizing the Foreign Service personnel system. Reappointed members are: Ambassador (ret.) Frank Almaguer, Ambassador (ret.) Gregory Delawie, and Stuart Hatcher. New members are: Kristen Bauer and Ambassador (ret.) Donald Yamamoto. AFSA thanks departing members Ambassador (ret.) Lino Gutiérrez and Lawrence Mandel (outgoing FSGB chair) for their years of service and welcomes professional mediator Charles Carron as the new FSGB chair. n AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, September 21, 2022 The board met in person at AFSA headquarters. New Representative: The Governing Board accepted the resignation of current USAID representative Sharon Carter as she moves toward retirement and approved the appointment of Jaidev “Jay” Singh to serve as USAID representative for the duration of this board’s term. Associate Members: The board approved the applica- tions of three new associate members. Disbursement: At the recommendation of the Legal Defense Fund Committee, the board authorized the disbursement of up to $10,000 from the fund to an AFSA member. n AFSA/JULIAWOHLERS