The Foreign Service Journal, December 2006

FSAis seekingnominations for its 2007 Constructive Dissent Awards. These awards serve to honor and recognize those members of the Foreign Service who dare to challenge conventional wisdom, ques- tion the status quo or suggest alternative plans of action. An open and candid exchange of differing points of view on issues of foreign policy can only strength- enour Service andour country. Members of theForeignService receive years of inten- sive training inorder todevelop andprac- tice their expertise inmatters of diploma- cy andpromote the foreignpolicy goals of the United States. However, when there A FSAoffers three awards for exem- plary performance of assigned duties or voluntary duties at an overseas post that constitutes an extraor- dinary contribution to effectiveness, pro- fessionalism and morale. • The Delavan Award acknowledges the work of a Foreign Service officeman- agement specialist who hasmade a signif- icant contribution to post or office effec- tiveness and morale beyond the frame- work of her/his job responsibilities. • TheM. JuanitaGuessAward goes to a community liaison officer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication, initiative or imagination in assisting the families of Americans serving at an overseas post. •TheAvisBohlenAward recognizes the accomplishments of a family member of aForeignService employeewhose relations with the American and foreign commu- nities at post havedone themost toadvance 2007 AFSA DISSENT AWARDS Call for Nominations for AFSA Constructive Dissent Awards BY BARBARA BERGER, PROFESSIONAL ISSUES COORDINATOR 2007 AFSA PERFORMANCE AWARDS Call for Nominations for Outstanding Performance BY BARBARA BERGER, PROFESSIONAL ISSUES COORDINATOR American Foreign Service Association • December 2006 AFSA NEWS CALL FOR NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2007-2009 BOARD Make a Difference: Join the AFSA Board “ I have always believed thatAFSA is the one entity lookingout for theForeign Service, and sohave beenactive since I joined the Service. Being inWashington gave me a chance to help shape AFSA’s direction and contribute instead of just complaining about policies or work con- ditions. AFSA helped me out in the past, and I felt it was time to give back.” —Joyce Namde, StateRepresentative andGoverning Board Liaison to the FSJ Editorial Board “Participationon theAFSAGoverning Board was one way of giving back to the ForeignService community that hadgiven me somuch pleasure. I have realized that the depth and breadth of issues that AFSA, its board and its staff handle far exceeded my expectations. I’m proud to serve this community.” —DavidReuther, Retiree Vice President “Serving in AFSA has given me two of my most satisfying years in the Foreign Service.” — Steve Kashkett, State Vice President Inside This Issue: BRIEFS: MEMORIAL PLAQUE...........60 VP STATE: STEPPING UP IN IRAQ ...61 VP USAID: IF IT QUACKS ................63 VP FAS: REORGANIZATION..............65 THEY LOST ME OVER DAY CARE ....66 LETTER TO THE SECRETARY ...........68 A DE C EMB E R 2 0 0 6 / F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L 59 Continued on page 67 Continued on page 64 Continued on page 62 JOSH