The Foreign Service Journal, December 2019

34 DECEMBER 2019 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL point to that may require increased focus for American diplomacy in the coming years? HJC: The Middle East will continue to be unstable for years to come, and will require close U.S. attention. Action must be taken to stabilize Libya, which is a major source of Islamic ter- rorism in the African Sahel countries. In the long run, the major issue facing U.S. foreign policy will be climate change. I believe that all new U.S. Foreign Service classes should provide exten- sive knowledge about climate change. Should the United States be playing a leadership role in climate change diplomacy? Yes. FSJ: Are you optimistic about the future of professional diplo- macy? HJC: Yes. Professional diplomacy is more indispensable than ever. U.S. foreign policy cannot be made rationally without the in-depth knowledge of foreign cultures that only the Foreign Service can provide. FSJ: There’s no denying the last few years have been hard on diplomats and diplomacy, and many senior diplomats have left the Service. What’s your advice to those wondering whether to stay or leave? HJC: Foreign Service life is very difficult. Moving families around the world is not a picnic. Add to that efforts by admin- istrations to politicize the career Service, and the stress level is high. Some senior diplomats cannot accept working under those conditions. I hope that most will remain because their expertise and wisdom are needed even more during periods such as the one we are currently experiencing. FSJ: How should active-duty FS members protect the Foreign Service and State Department, and each other, as they find them- selves in the crosshairs of an impeachment inquiry related to U.S. relations with Ukraine? HJC: They need to continue speaking the truth to power, and make sure that policymakers understand the negative foreign policy consequences of politicizing professional diplomacy. FSJ: What would be your advice to college students and recent graduates seeking to enter the Foreign Service or government service more generally? HJC: There can be no more rewarding experience than professional government service that is protecting U.S. interests around the world. The U.S. Foreign Service is truly on the front line of U.S. national security. n