The Foreign Service Journal, December 2019

78 DECEMBER 2019 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT it was a vague term referring to the job of someone high up in the United Nations or State Department. Now I know that diplomats are not just ambassadors or higher-ups. Diplomats blend in and are not always in suits. They represent the inter- ests and policies of the United States, but their day-to-day activities vary greatly, and they can come from USAID, the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Commerce, not just the State Department. Following the advice received during the fellowship, I continue to advance my career with other opportunities and am on the road to transferring to the Department of Justice, Office of Inspec- tor General in Los Angeles. I will take For More Information T he Una Chapman Cox Founda- tion is a nonprofit dedicated to a strong professional U.S. Foreign Service. Established in 1980 by Mrs. Cox, the foundation acts as an inde- pendent think-tank that supports the Department of State through a variety of programs designed to pro- mote best practices for recruitment, excellence in professional develop- ment and a positive public image of the U.S. Foreign Service. To learn more about the Cox Foundation and its programs, visit uccoxfoundation. org. Also, look out for information on upcoming Cox-State Department Diplomacy Seminars at your college career center. the Foreign Service online practice test soon, and plan to register on Jan. 2 to take the FSOT in February. I am subscribed to the State Department job opportunities email list, and continue to learn about the plethora of options available. The Cox-State Department Fellowship Program provided insight about the State Department that I would not have gained elsewhere. It was an incom- parable experience in learning about diversity, diplomacy and U.S. foreign policy, and brought together like-minded individuals to converse about interna- tional relations, language skills and life experiences. I am so grateful to the Una Chapman Cox Foundation for the opportunity. n