The Foreign Service Journal, December 2020

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | DECEMBER 2020 75 AFSA NEWS AFSA Dues Increase for 2021 AFSA has raised dues for 2021 by 1.4 percent for all individual membership categories. This is in addition to the increase agreed to by the membership in the dues referendum held in September ( . In concrete terms, this amounts to an increase of between six and 24 cents per pay period, depending on an individual’s member- ship category. In accordance with Article IV of the AFSA Bylaws, the Governing Board can choose to increase dues by no more than the cumula- tive increase in the national Consumer Price Index, published by the Department of Labor, since the effective date of the previous dues increase. Active-duty and retired members paying dues via payroll and annuity deduction will see a small increase in the amount auto- matically deducted from their paychecks and annuities. Those paying annually will be billed the new rate on their regularly scheduled renewal date. n AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, Oct. 21, 2020 Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AFSA Gov- erning Board met via Zoom conference on Oct. 21. The board made the following decisions, which will need to be ratified at the next in-person Gov- erning Board meeting, according to AFSA bylaws. Legal Defense Fund: The board approved disburs- als from the LDF for $6,342, $3,120 and $807 for legal fees for AFSA members with ongoing mat- ters before the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Sinclaire Language Awards: Governing Board mem- bers approved the Awards and Plaques Committee’s decision to grant the MatildaW. Sinclaire Language Award to 10 individuals for their achievements in the study and utilization of difficult languages in 2019. Associate Membership: The board approved two people as associate members of the association. Dues Increase: Governing Board members approved a 1.4 percent dues increase for members for 2021, in accordance with the consumer price index. Resignation: The board accepted the resignation of State Representative Lillian Wahl-Tuco, and thanked her for her service. Awards and Plaques Committee: The board appointed Mary Daly as the chair of the Awards and Plaques Committee. Membership Committee: The board appointed Maria Hart to the Membership Committee. n Foreign Service Grade 2020 Annual 2020 Bi- Weekly 2021 Annual* 2021 Bi- Weekly* Annual Increase* SFS $429.09 $16.50 $448.28 $17.24 $19.19 1-3 $331.74 $12.76 $349.57 $13.45 $17.83 4-6 $189.95 $7.31 $199.20 $7.66 $9.25 7-9 $100.43 $3.86 $108.43 $4.17 $8.00 Active Duty Retiree Annuity Level 2019 Annual 2019 Monthly 2020 Annual 2020 Monthly Annual Increase* Under $25K $73.69 $6.14 $81.31 $6.78 $7.62 $25-$50K $115.79 $9.65 $124.00 $10.33 $8.21 $50-$75K $154.65 $12.89 $168.98 $14.08 $14.33 Over $75K $193.62 $16.14 $208.50 $17.38 $14.88 Retiree Spouse $57.90 $4.82 $58.71 $4.89 $0.81 Category 2020 Annual 2021 Annual Annual Increase Associate Member $118.98 $120.65 $1.67 Associate