The Foreign Service Journal, December 2023

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | DECEMBER 2023 73 AFSA NEWS Category 2023 Annual 2024 Annual 2023 Biweekly 2024 Biweekly SFS $515.08 $534.14 $19.81 $20.54 FS 1, 2, 3 $401.66 $416.52 $15.45 $16.02 FS 4, 5, 6 $228.88 $237.35 $8.80 $9.13 FS 7, 8, 9 $124.59 $129.20 $4.79 $4.97 Active-Duty Dues Rates Retiree Dues Rates Category 2023 Annual 2024 Annual 2023 Monthly 2024 Monthly Annuity over $75,000 $239.57 $248.43 $19.96 $20.70 Annuity of $50,00075,000 $194.16 $201.34 $16.18 $16.78 Annuity of $25,00050,000 $142.48 $147.75 $11.87 $12.31 Annuity Under $25,000 $93.43 $96.89 $7.79 $8.08 Retiree Spouse $67.45 $69.95 $5.62 $5.83 In accordance with Article IV of the AFSA Bylaws, the Governing Board can choose to increase dues by no more than the cumulative increase in the national Consumer Price Index, published by the Department of Labor, since the effective date of the previous dues increase. For 2024, AFSA has increased dues by 3.7 percent for all individual membership categories. In concrete terms, this amounts to an increase of between 18 and 73 cents per pay period for active-duty members and between 21 and 74 cents per month for retirees, depending on an individual’s membership category. Active-duty and retired members paying dues via payroll and annuity deduction will see a small increase in the amount automatically deducted from their paychecks and annuities. Those paying annually will be billed the new rate on their regularly scheduled renewal date. AFSA last increased its membership dues rate in January 2023. n AFSA Welcomes New Law Clerk Please welcome AFSA’s newest law clerk, Damian Dorrance-Steiner, who will be supporting the legal team by conducting research across a broad range of matters to assist with current cases. Damian hails from Columbus, Ohio, but moved to California for college, earning an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics, and law from the University of Southern California. At USC, Damian grew interested in applying the rhetorical structures of philosophy to real world issues and decided that the legal field provided the best opportunity to pursue this passion. Having completed their undergraduate degree during the COVID-19 lockdown era, Damian saw the dramatic effects of unequal bargaining power on the labor market and decided that their pursuits in law would be directed toward protecting vulnerable communities in the workforce. Currently, Damian is pursuing a J.D. at The George Washington University Law School, where they serve as co-president of the LGBTQ+ student association Lambda Law and are a member of the Labor and Employment Law Society. Damian’s current interest is learning how collective bargaining agreements adapt to support emergent issues such as diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; artificial intelligence protections; and health care issues. Having arrived in Washington, D.C., just one year ago, Damian is excited to continue exploring all that the city has to offer, creating digital art, visiting Founders Park in Old Town, and listening to audiobooks on long walks with their husky, Ash. Damian can be reached at n Damian Dorrance-Steiner. DAMIAN DORRANCE-STEINER Category 2023 Annual 2024 Annual Associate Member $138.64 $143.77 2024 Associate Dues Rates AFSA Dues Increase for 2024