The Foreign Service Journal, December 2023

88 DECEMBER 2023 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT Questions for a Potential Evaluator When speaking with a professional, ask the following questions: • What is your experience assessing students this age? • What is the cost of the evaluation? • Will you be conducting the evaluation? (While many professionals still carry out their own evaluations, others rely on a psychological technician, assistant, or student to complete the evaluation. If someone other than the professional completes the evaluation, it will be important for parents to assess how much interaction the professional will have with their child and who will interpret the findings and write the report.) • How will the evaluation be conducted? (Will the evaluation be conducted in person or remotely? Are the measures administered by the evaluator or by a computer?) • Do you participate in insurance? (Some evaluators fully participate in insurance, some are out-of-network providers and will complete paperwork to help you try to obtain reimbursement, and others do nothing with insurance.) • How much time will be spent on the evaluation of my child, and what is your rationale for spending that amount of time? (Some evaluators spend several hours, while others spend several days.) • What is included in the evaluation? • What will I be doing during the evaluation? (Most often, parents will wait in the waiting room while their child and the evaluator are working.) Prior to the evaluation, begin recording any concerns or thoughts that you have to share with the evaluator.