The Foreign Service Journal, January-February 2021

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Contents 5
Focus on U.S. Diplomacy for the 2020s 19
The Future of the Foreign Service 19
Diversity and Inclusion in the U.S. Foreign Service—Recommendations for Action 25
Diplomacy and Democracy: Putting Values into Practice 28
Getting State Back into Nuclear Arms Control and Nonproliferation 31
On Boosting U.S. Diplomacy and National Security: Three New Reports 37
Features 41
What the Tunisian Revolution Taught Me 41
Believers: Love and Death in Tehran—An Excerpt 46
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—A Moment of Hope and Possibility 7
Letter from the Editor—Picking Up the Pieces 9
Reflections—A Crown and a Nation 97
Local Lens—Geneva, Switzerland 98
Departments 10
Letters 10
Letters-Plus 13
Talking Points 15
In Memory 85
Books 88
Marketplace 91
Real Estate 91
Classifieds 94
Index to Advertisers 96
AFSA News 51
2021-2023 AFSA Governing Board: Call for Nominations 51
State VP Voice—Reforming the State Department 52
USAID VP Voice—Refine, But Don’t Re-define, Development 53
FCS VP Voice—The New Year: An Opportunity to Think Differently 54
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, Nov. 18, 2020 54
AFSA on the Hill—Advocacy in a New Administration 55
The Future of the Foreign Service 55
Reaching New Audiences: A New Year Challenge 58
2020 AFSA Tax Guide 59