The Foreign Service Journal, January 2003

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on FCS 21
The Business of America is Exports 21
Piano Players in a Marching Band: FCS Officers 29
Going Global with the U.S. Commercial Service 34
Two Decades on the Road Less Traveled 39
FCS Recollections 44
Lee Boam: The Foreign Commercial Service in Action 51
U.S.-China Trade: An Economic Section View 54
Feature 61
Appreciation: Laurence M. Foley, 1942-2002 61
Columns 5
President's Views: Telling Our Story 5
Speaking Out: The Courage of Our Convictions 15
FS Finances: Claiming the Tax Exclusion for Gain on Home Sales 18
Reflections: Walking Through History 72
Departments 7
Letters 7
Cybernotes 12
Books 64
Index to Advertisers 70
AFSA News 73