The Foreign Service Journal, February 2006

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on Condoleezza Rice’s First Year 17
Transformational Diplomacy: A Work in Progress 17
Anywhere, Anytime Diplomacy 29
Peacebuilding: A New National Security Imperative 33
McKinsey Redux: What It Gets Right and Wrong 39
Feature 45
Life After the FS: More Retirees Speak Up 45
Columns 5
President's Views—Transformational Diplomacy Takes Shape, but Basic Questions Remain 5
Speaking Out—It's Not Who You Know, It's Where You Serve 14
Reflections—Exceeding One's Grasp, Marine-Style 68
Deparments 6
Letters 6
Cybernotes 10
Marketplace 12
Books 59
Index to Advertisers 66