The Foreign Service Journal, February 2012

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Contents 3
Focus on the Euro Zone Debt Crisis 17
European Debt, the Trans-Atlantic Alliance and U.S. Foreign Policy 17
Why the Euro Crisis Matters 23
FS Heritage 27
U.S. Diplomats and the Smithsonian 27
AFSA News 31
2011 Tax Guide 31
The William R. Rivkin Dissent Award: Making an Indispensable Contribution 31
News Briefs 32
AFSA Hosts Panel on the 20th Anniversary of the USSR's Fall 50
AFSA’s High School Essay Contest Offers New Prize 51
AAFSW/Secretary of State Award Winners 51
Leave a Legacy with a Real Estate Planned Gift 53
Transition Center Schedule 54
Classifieds 54
Departments 5
President’s Views—Essential Ingredients for a Professional Career Foreign Service 5
Speaking Out—Implementing the QDDR at Chief-of-Mission Level 13
Reflections—Our Dog, the Spy 64
Letters 6
Foreign Service Crossword Puzzle Solution 7
Cybernotes 9
Marketplace 10
Books 57
Index to Advertisers 62