The Foreign Service Journal, March 2007

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on War Zone Diplomacy 21
Iraq PRTs: Pins on a Map 21
The Very Model of a Modern... 40
And Now Iraq: A Former FSO Remembers Vietnam 48
Embassies As Command Posts in the War on Terror 53
Feature 61
Promoting Democracy in the Arab and Muslim World 61
Columns 5
President's Views—2008 Budget Aspirations: Diplomact Jilted Yet Again 5
Speaking Out—How to Measure an Ambassador 14
FS Know-How—How to Read and Write an EER 18
Reflections—Mario's Twin Brother 92
Departments 6
Letters 6
Cybernotes 10
Marketplace 12
FasTrax 13
AFSA Annual Report 67
AFSA News 77
Books 84
Index to Advertisers 90