The Foreign Service Journal, March 2013

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus: Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons 20
The Diplomacy of Population Displacement 20
Assisting Refugees: Lessons Learned, Lives Changed 29
FS Know-How 38
Is Adequate Disability Insurance Available to FS Families? 38
AFSA News 43
AFSA Annual Report 43
Raising the Profile of AFSA and the Foreign Service 43
AFSA Board of Governors, FSJ Editorial Board and AFSA Executive Staff 45
State Department: A Year of Public Victories and Behind the Scenes Progress 46
USAID VP: Helping Even More Members 48
FAS VP: Progress, But Still a Lot To Do 48
FCS VP: Some Big Wins 49
Labor Management: Taking On All Issues 50
Advocacy: Renewed Efforts on Many Fronts 51
Communications, Marketing and Outreach 52
AFSA Awards 58
The Memorial P laques 59
AFSA Scholarship Program: A Busy Year 60
Foreign Service Journal: A Good Thing Gets Better 62
Foreign Service Books: Growth in 2012 63
Member Services: Quantity and Quality 64
Retiree Counseling and Legislation: Expanded Programs 66
Business & Accounting 68
AFSA Joins the Board of FEEA 69
AFSA Speaker Series: TSP Pre-Separation Briefing 70
Active After Active Duty: Middle East Lunch Topic 71
Columns 7
President's Views—The U.S. Diplomacy Center and Museum: Celebrating Our Profession 7
Speaking Out—The Foreign Service Needs a Cultural Shift 17
Departments 8
Letters 8
Talking Points 13
Books 73
Local Lens 82
Marketplace 75
Classifieds 75
Real Estate 78
Index to Advertisers 80