The Foreign Service Journal, April 2004

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on FS Staffing 18
Foreign Service Staffing: Editor's Introduction 18
The DRI Rides to the Rescue 20
Liberating FSNs from Their "CAJE" 29
On the Work Force Roller Coaster at USAID 33
Competitive Contracting: An Avenue for Improvement 41
Features 47
Remembering Rwanda: An Eyewitness to the Horror 47
Toward a New U.S.-U.N. Rapprochement 51
The Last Flight of the Black Swan 58
Appreciation: An American Diplomat Who Made a Difference 62
Columns 5
President's Views: If Not Now, When? 5
Speaking Out: The Weakest Link in Our Foreign Policy Arsenal 15
Reflections 76
Departments 6
Letters 6
Cybernotes 12
Books 66
Index to Advertisers 67
AFSA News 77