The Foreign Service Journal, April 2006

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on Latin America 20
Pressure Grows for Change in the Americas 20
Brazil: Latin America's Superpower? 27
Colombia is Complicated 33
The U.S. and Mexico: What's Next? 39
Sensing Sensibility in the Falkland Islands 46
Bolivia at the Crossroads 54
Features 61
The Politics of Having a Maid 61
Life After the FS: Retirees Have the Last Word 66
Columns 5
President's Views—The Pay-for-Performance/OCP Trade-Off: Poisoned Chalice or Win-Win? 5
Speaking Out—Opening Embassies: A New Approach Needed 15
FS Know-How—Make the Most of Your Thrift Savings Plan 18
Reflections—The Streets of Nuevo Laredo 84
Departments 6
Letters 6
Cybernotes 11
Marketplace 12
FSJ Guide to Extended Stay Housing 50
Books 72
FSJ Guide to Property Management 76
Index to Advertisers 82