The Foreign Service Journal, April 2012

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Contents 5
Focus on FS Family Member Employment 18
FS Spousal Employment: Slow but Steady Progress 18
Patience: The Key to Successful EFM Employment 26
Local Employment in Mozambique and Brazil 29
HOC Rocks! 31
My So-Called Career 35
Feature 37
Seven Billion and Growing 37
FS Fiction 43
The Decision 43
AFSA News 49
Discrepancies in Benefits, Entry-Level Hiring Top USAID FSOs’ Concerns 49
News Briefs 50
V.P State—Defining, Not Defending, Our Future 51
V.P. USAID—Reinventing the Annual Evaluation Form Wheel 52
V.P. FAS—Linking U.S. Agriculture to the World 53
Presenting American Culture to the World 54
AFSA Meets George Shultz and Northern California Retirees 57
Helping Those Who Help Animals 57
More Europe Is the Answer 58
I Work for Uncle Sam, and I'm Proud of It 59
AFSA Announces 2011 Sinclaire Award Winners 59
The University of (fill in the blank) 60
This Month in Diplomatic History: Thomas Jefferson 61
Classifieds 62
Departments 7
President’s Views—Professionalism versus Patronage & Elitism 7
Speaking Out—Purchasing Parity: USAID's EFM Language Training Policy 14
Letter From the Editor 17
Reflections—An Independent Woman in Taipei 74
Letters 8
Cybernotes 10
Marketplace 11
Books 65
Index to Advertisers 72