The Foreign Service Journal, May 2006

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on Specialist Career Development 21
Specialist Careers: Onward and Upward? 21
Specialists Speak Out on Career Development 27
Many Paths, One Goal 33
"Separate but Unequal": The IRM Career Path 37
Taking OMS Training Seriously 41
State's Generation X Work Force 44
Features 50
Peace Operations as an Instrument of U.S. Policy 50
Appreciation—Editor, Mentor, Friend of the Foreign Service: Shirley R. Newhall, 1921-2006 57
Columns 5
President's Views—Ensuring the Foreign Service's Relevance: The Baby or the Bathwater 5
Speaking Out—What Are We Training IMSers to Do? 15
Reflections—Firecrackers 76
Departments 6
Letters 6
Cybernotes 11
Marketplace 12
Books 59
In Memory 62
Index to Advertisers 74