The Foreign Service Journal, May 2008

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on Africa 17
A Mixed Record: 50 Years of U.S.-Africa Relations 17
Implementing AFRICOM: Tread Carefully 25
Reflecting on Nairobi: The Africa Bombings and the Age of Terror 32
The Africa Bureau's Intellectual Godfather's 36
Three Days in N'Djamena 41
Afraid of Our Shadow: Corruption Devours Africa's Middle Class 44
AFSA News 49
AFSA HQ Renovation Project Update 49
Entry-Level Conference Report from Cairo 49
Involuntary SMA Gets a Boost 49
Briefs: PIT Buyback 50
VP State: Overseas Pay Disparity: Debunking the Myths 51
VP USAID: It's Time for a Trade-In 52
Reinventing Resources at the Overseas Briefing Center 54
FLO: 30 Years of Support for FS Family Members 55
Tragen Award for Family Member Advocate Leslie Dorman 56
Family Member Matters : Thanks, Now Here's Your Pay Cut 57
Field Notes from Belgrade 58
Classifieds 59
Columns/Departments 5
President's Views—The 10-Percent Solution 5
Speaking Out—Heading Off More Clashes in the Strait of Hormuz 14
Reflections—"Wow — You Must Really Like Winter!" 80
Letters 6
Cybernotes 10
Marketplace 13
Books 62
In Memory 66
Index to Advertisers 78